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What's Really Happening in Real Estate | Helpful Links

It is almost impossible to avoid headlines about the real estate’s market current condition.

“It’s a Buyer’s Market”...  “Lowest Interest Rates in 50 years”... “Mortgage rates drop below 4 percent for the first time ever”...  “Foreclosures Increasing”...  “Housing Permits Offer Glimmer of Hope.”

How do these issues affect the consumer?

Nationally, economists now say, the market peaked in 2005. In a market which had seen the sales of new and existing homes soar to record levels, the decline in prices in most markets indicates a correction in the housing market.

Buyers are out there hoping to take advantage of the continuing low mortgage rates, but are taking longer to make a decision because of the increasing inventory. Consequently, they are taking longer comparing these houses to be sure of getting the most for their money. Purchasing a home often makes much more economic sense rather than renting. In the current rental market, a mortgage payment frequently can be lower than paying rent.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is also offering low down payment financing as an additional inducement to buy. The bottom line is: there may be no better time to buy than now.

So what’s the best approach to selling in today’s market? Remember the longer your property sits on the market, the less likely you will get a transaction that benefits you.

  1. Choose the right real estate agent. This is where The Relocation Company's track record of helping you select the best agent for your property is invaluable.

  2. Price your property correctly initially. Don't try to test the market with a price higher than other nearby comparable properties. The Relocation Company's extensive review of the market analysis on your home will provide you with a realistic price range.

  3. Make your property squeaky-clean. Today you have to paint, clean up and repair before offering a home for sale. The Relocation Company will provide you with an objective view of what needs to be done to get your house market ready.

  4. It's a business. Remember that the marketplace, not what a seller needs or wants establish prices. What happens elsewhere is irrelevant, only what is happening in your immediate neighborhood is what counts. The Relocation Company will provide you with feedback on how the buyers are viewing your home and offer any recommendations necessary to sell your house at the best price.

The truth is, buyers are out there. If you follow some simple guidelines, this could be a great opportunity to sell your home.

Please feel free to call The Relocation Company's toll free number at 1.866.587.9700 with any questions or send an email to: for a quick response.

Next door or across the country, our Advantage Programs provide the strategy and support to get the most from your investment.